Thursday, June 18, 2015

Umpire Adrenaline

Umpiring kids' baseball/softball games is a hazardous job. It requires thick skin and a decisive resolve (even if you're wrong at times). I've been umping my for daughter's softball team this season. tonight was exceptionally challenging. A couple of the opposing team's parents started chiding right from the first close call. To make matters worse, there is substantial ambiguity from what most people interpret as "out of play" (i.e. beyond the fence) and this league's director foul. On one hand I understand the intent of the latter (don't turn the game into an inside the ballpark track meet) on the other hand the fielders should learn to chase the ball down. This was ill defined coming into the game until tensions rose enough that I called time and we had a ground rules discussion (we opted for the former definition). Then after all was settling I cleared a bat from home plate giving it a little toss away from any players. One of the chiding parents THREATENED ME if I hit one of the kids. All I could do was turn and say "Really?". Interestingly enough this man's kids are the hellspawn mine are stuck riding the bus with. I guess I know where they get it from. I'll continue to ump, but people please keep in mind the umps, referees, etc. are either volunteers or low paid kids. Still I count the adrenaline surge as a small workout ;)

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