"Baseline" workout

I've found that a good "baseline" workout routine for me has been a mix of 30 minutes of cardio followed by 30 minutes of lifting for 4-ish days per week. By baseline I mean something that I feel good after without needing to go into a coma until soreness subsides. I guess this is also called a "maintenance" workout. I'm not expecting to make huge gains in endurance/strength with this workout, but I do feel good after it and persistence with this work combined with dietary changes will yield some results.

I do cardio first for one reason: TO MAKE SURE I DO CARDIO. It can be easy to talk myself out of cardio after an intense lifting session. If I was pushing for faster fat burning, etc. the experts tend to say do cardio after lifting. However that's outside the scope of a baseline workout. If time is limited cardio is your best "bang for your buck" workout as well.