Hi, I'm Joe. I'm a physicist by day and parent, blogger, guitarist, gym rat, gardener, Lego robotics coach, maker and still a physicist the rest of the time. I'm divorced, have two amazing kids and try to take things one day at a time. I'm a little bit of a Renaissance man as I seem to have my hands in a little bit of everything.

I'm rather new to this blogging stuff, but I have been writing for a long while. I have a number of physics/materials science related publications. It's mostly a hobby, but like the idea that I could maybe make a buck or two as well.

This blog was started on the premise of being a former athlete. Much of the focus is on exercise, eating and trying to be physically healthy. That said, given my propensity for being into a little bit of everything I occasionally publish on the "mind" and "soul" aspects of living as well as some introspective on the news of the day.  Frankly, what it takes for me to feel healthy and hopefully you find some of it useful as well.

In addition to this blog I also have two others up and running and am working on a couple more ideas. It's hard for me to keep things separate, but I also don't want this place to get too random.  My other sites are:

  • http://www.fllcoach.net - here I try to share some experiences being a new-ish coach to the FIRST Lego League robotics competition
  • http://www.spintronicsmn.com - as I said I'm a physicist. I work in an area called "spintronics" or more simply put nanoscale magnetism. There is quite the magnetism community in the Twin cities so I thought I'd try to cover a little of it.
That's enough rambling from me. I hope you enjoy, or at least leave some comments and +1's!

Oh yeah, unless otherwise specified. All content is original (lots of pics aren't, but I try to reference those as best I can) and thus copyright and all rights are reserved at the date of publication.

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