Saturday, June 20, 2015

Color Vibe 5K

Another in a long line of theme'd 5K races, the Color Vibe 5K was this morning in the Twin Cities. The good:
  • Dousing with color packets every 3/4 mile or so was fun and helped break the monotony of the race
  • The course was a flat, manageable "there and back" making it good for bringing kids as turning around early was no challenge
  • One of the best "after party" DJs and music I've come across...although the first "Run for your Lives" Zombie obstacle 5k in MN had original live bands which can't be beat in my book.
The bad:
  • It rained (not the races fault) and it probably did help with the parking situation
  • It was in a mall parking lot, not the most exciting location; although given how poorly malls are doing these days it may have bolstered some sales.
In all it's fun to get out there with the family and get the kids moving and hopefully this bolsters more fun runs, etc. this summer.

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