Tuesday, June 16, 2015


As from previous posts, I thoroughly enjoy golf. I played nine at Bunker Hills Golf Course on the north end of town. My future brother-in-law (God help him) played too. It was a cloudy day which kept the course from getting too busy, it was a great outing.

I played a great round (for me) shooting a 41 with no holes worse than a double bogey (on a side note I broke 50 for the first time on my "home" course  this year shooting a 48 this evening). My B-i-L on the other hand, had a rough round. Understandable for not being out for the last couple years. We are telling people he shot a birdie though...well a Canadian goose to be more exact. He hit one teeing off on the 4th hole. Fortunately it was on a bounce and really just pissed the bird off more than it already was. It had ganders so was hot tempered to begin with. He also almost took out a squirrel, but there's no golf analogy for that save he might have had himself a new head cover.

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