Monday, May 11, 2015

Hurry it Up, Will Ya?

I guess I am gaining a little traction, but losing a little patience at the gym. I'm missing a true free weight area and cardio is just feeling like it's taking too long. From my last post I mentioned an old high intensity workout I've had some success with. Short, intense workouts. The only dilemma is it is a 6-day workout and doing it right means lots of fatigue initially, but I think I'll give it another try with a couple small modifications:

  • Cardio days get priority and supplant lifting days if missed
  • Add tummy time to cardio days after getting sweaty
  • Moderate lower body workout intensity to save knees and back
  • Not beat myself up for missing a workout
I'd like to generate and post some spreadsheets for the workout to have on the site as a repository. I guess I'll list that as "coming soon to a mediocre blog near you".

Diet-wise, the weekend was tough with having a mom's day family thing coupled with a birthday celebration for my sister. Also, I ate way too much over-greased popcorn at the Avengers movie (three word movie review: It was ok) BUT I'm still "doughnut sober" and have been choosing fruit and protein to sweets. Now to get better at walking away from the table...

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