Thursday, May 7, 2015


Ok. Going on day four sans pastries. Yesterday I opted for carrots with my guacamole instead of chips and actually enjoyed it. I bought some stuff to build salads at work. By the way, strawberries with a little balsamic vinaigrette (as part of a salad) is an excellent flavor combination.  I know that was just one day, but hopefully I can get back on a healthier eating trend. I just need to eat right one meal at a time, right?

I also, got back into the gym for a regular workout. My schedule has been a little in flux going through this separation/divorce along with participating in a golf league. I may try going back to high intensity training for a while as the workouts are a bit shorter and they supposedly amp-up the metabolism. The Men's Health 2008 Total Fitness Guide has a HIT program that really kicked my butt, but also really worked. I may post some of it if I get this site spruced up a bit more.

I'm also contemplating moving my routine back to mornings. I have a hard time falling asleep with the evening workouts I've been doing. Regardless, we just need to keep moving forward.

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