Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The "Summer is Here" Alternative workout

Yesterday was warm. Warm enough to conclude that summer is here along with all the activities that help keep us moving. Moving even if we'd rather be sitting in a cozy adirondack chair with a cold sparkling beverage.

Beverages sometimes need to wait though in the wake of tall grass and dandelions.  Dandelions in thick enough clumps to make you wonder about the potency of the winterizer/weed and feed fertilizer. Fertilizer that did indeed seem to make the grass grow long. Long enough that it was time for mowing.

Mowing in my yard is a good 30 to 40 minute workout on account of the hills. Hills that sometimes cause me to slip and definitely cause a good sweat. Sweat that, mixed with the dust and pollen, gives the eyes a mild irritation. Irritation that has the decent feeling of doing something physical, even if it is just giving my lawn its first proverbial "lowering of the ears".

Ears were important for me to turn down the sensitivity on for the second portion of my segue to summer. Summer wouldn't be complete in Minnesota without the start of softball. Softball is my daughter's preferred of summer sports. Sports are good for getting outdoors and testing your skill. Skill needs to be developed. Developed with the help of Parents and coaches. Coaches, or people who enjoy working with the kids such as myself, partook in some work on the softball pitch. Pitch, catch, run, throwing and hitting. Hitting all the aspects of the game during practice this evening.

Evenings end saw me a tired old man. Man, that was a good workout!

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