Monday, April 25, 2016

Curbside Cleanup: SCORE!

So this next week is my city's "Curbside Cleanup" for my part of town. This is where we can put large items down by the street and they will be picked up by the city for disposal. Personally, I'm getting rid of an old mattress set and am tearing apart my lower level guest bedroom, so have a bit of old carpet, ceiling tiles, etc.

This is also a time when a lot of people think about getting rid of items they don't use. That's how I scored this baby, on the left.  My next door neighbor was getting rid of his in-ground basketball hoop. It was on the curb with a "Free" sign on it. It's a few years old but is in great shape. I had been contemplating a hoop, but they are actually kind of expensive. This system pushes the $1,000 mark.

Needless to say I, with the help and moral support of my daughter, dragged this beast from their curb to my house. There's even a scratch in the street and my driveway outlining the journey (don't worry, my street and driveway are getting redone this year). It's now in the garage to keep the "scrappers" that roll around town during Curbside Cleanup from mistaking it for scrap metal. I'm hoping to have it installed in the next couple weeks for a summer of hoops. :)

This procurement is timely as my kids have taken a big interest in basketball recently and I've been looking into opportunities to play on the occasional evening I don't have the kids.  I'm a total hack, but it'll be fun. :)