Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Lower and the Upper of it

Here's a fill in-able .pdf for the gym.

So I'm trying to put together a workout of my own here, something I can more or less follow on most normal weeks. A normal week for me involved getting a good start on my workouts on Monday/Tuesday then tapering off later in the week on account of parenting responsibilities, etc.
I'm breaking the workout into:

  1.  large muscle groups in the legs and upper body, supersetting with core strength moves, on days one and two to make sure I hit them.
  2. Supplemental lifting day (arms, shoulders, calves, etc) on Day 4. I can do this routine from home when I have the kids.
  3. Cardio on most days with days 3 and 5 being dedicated to it. I put it in the context of running/walking, but take your pick.

I got through days one and two.We'll see how Wednesday goes.

Day1: Lower Body
Lift Weight/Reps Superset
Squats 135/15, 225/12, 250/10, 315/5 Side bends with 45lbs. plate, 20 reps 
Hang Cleans 135/7, 135/7, 135/7 Oblique twists with 25lbs, 15 twists
Deadlift 185/10, 185/10, 185/10 30 crunches
Dumbell Step-ups 30lbsDB/5/leg x 2 10 lunges, no weight
Leg extensions 130/10, 150/10 stretching
Deadlift 120/10, 150/10 stretching
Cardio 1 mile run

Day2: Upper Body
Assisted Pullups150/10, 120/10, 100/10, 80/5, 50/4.5Roman Chair, 12 reps
Bench Press135/20, 225/12, 225/10, 225/10, 135
(close grip)/15
45/20 Side Bends
Seated Rows120/12, 150/1210 situps
Standing overhead press95/12, 115/1230 sec plank
Upright Rows95/10, 95/1030 sec plank
DipsBW/10, BW/10Stretching
Cardio2 mile run

Day 3: Cardio, 5 K run

Day4: Supplementals
Shrugs3x1020 Calf Raises
Back Extensions3x10Big Rope, 30s
DB biceps curls2x1530s pull-up bar hang
DB side raise2x10Roman chair, 12 reps
DB front raise2x1010 slant-board situps
cable triceps extensioncount-up (I'll explain later)none
Cable Crunches20 x 2
Cardio2 mile run

Day 5: Cardio, 1 Hour brisk walk

I got days one and two in, lets see how the rest of the week goes.