Friday, April 22, 2016

Legs, legs, legs

Squats, deadlifts, cleans and a two mile run. Oh My!

Actually, I'm not too sore from the workout and even felt a little bit of a runner's "high" creep in during the jog. I don't like that it takes 10 minutes or so of running for it to start feeling comfortable, but only training can reduce that time.

My big concern with lower body lifting is the amount of weight I might gain, but really that's kind of a bogeyman. Ultimately, it will come down to diet and if I grow a little muscle in the legs, that's just more bulk to eat fat. It didn't stop me from dreaming I topped the scales at 400 lbs last night (whew, I woke up to find I"m still over 100 lbs short of that number).

Next up, I have a "biometric screening" as part of my health insurance at work. That's where the weight has me a little worried. Like anything though, this thing is a journey and not a destination. "Fat Joe" will happen on occasion, followed by "svelte Joe". As long as I can live a good active life, things will be ok.