Thursday, March 17, 2016

Off Week

This has not been a good week from a healthy living perspective. I've been at a conference and that usually means a lot of walking. I was staying away from the conference center and so I was planning on that being even more the case. I was, however, far enough away to have to take Baltimore's light rail system, which conveniently dropped me off within 100 feet of the conference center. From there, all the talks were close, the restaurants were close. It just didn't add up to high step counts. Add in drinking a ton of coffee and more alcohol than usual and every meal being a "big" meal; I'm now sitting on the plane in dire need of a workout.

Getting back into routine then becomes a matter of inertia. My body at rest is now wanting to stay at rest. Hopefully I can get my 10k in today and move upwards from there. One day at a time...

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