Sunday, March 13, 2016

Vino Tinto?

"Red wine?"

"Yes, I would love a glass."

As I sit in the hotel restaurant enjoying a delicious glass. I started wondering about all the articles over the last decade on the costs/benefits of this "relaxation juice". Some claim a glass is as good as an hour of exercise.  I did a little looking. Some of the reported benefits:

  • It has been shown to reduce risk of heart disease
  • A drink at the end of the day can reduce stress
  • It has antioxidants that reduce inflammation and can help in muscle recovery
Obviously it also can have detrimental effects like your best friend telling you to "go home, you're drunk" or the metabolism killing of drinking in excess.

As with most things I think red wine falls under the use sparingly category. While there may be benefits, there seem to be equivalent benefits in just trying to eat healthily.

Here's a little light reading in case you're interested in probing the subject further.

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