Sunday, October 9, 2022

Beautiful Colorado

It's been a crazy couple of months with the mix of taking on a new job and coaching football. So far I'm enjoying both. I'm admittedly liking the latter a more than the former but that's what things you have a passion for are supposed to be, right? For the new job, I am missing being more deeply involved in technical work; particularly with the magnetic materials that have made the majority of my career. I also get the "saying goodbye" pangs that involve leaving a community behind.

Still, the new job has some interesting aspects. I get to apply knowledge of microelectronics manufacturing to a new area of technology while honing my project and people managing skills. And there are opportunities to contribute to the technical work, but the level of engagement depends on my bandwidth, of which there is very little.

One enjoyment of the previous gig was the ability to travel for conferences, trade shows, customer visits, etc. Granted some of the locations were not the sexiest (ever been to Crane, Indiana?) but some were (¡Barcelona!). This variety allowed for a some adventure, escape and just getting to experience a different part of the world. These opportunities were allowed by being involved with both the research aspects of the previous job and partaking in the greater community; in my case the IEEE Magnetics Society.

The new job will still have some travel involved, but the cadence will be much different and the variety will likely be less. However, I won't be too quick to turn my nose up on having to venture to Colorado with some regularity. I'm on my first work trip.

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