Monday, September 3, 2018

Labor Day Rally Call

Today's the day for the worker, a moment's reprise from proverbial salt mines
A day to remember the battles fought on the picket line
to equate sweat with livelihood and American Opportunity defined

Lest we forget as many have
and succumbing to the corporate tyrants unending greed-grab
Infesting the walls of democracy, raiding once protected cab

It's time to stand tall again, maybe with keyboard, maybe with axe
Take back what's been stolen with "right to work" hacks
As we diminish, societal mortar cracks

Leaving us splintered, opposing and torn
As we are society and this is our scorn
In our increasing desperation we blame our once brethr'n

As with Lions and wolves
Our isolation is what the tyrant loves
Singling us out with chains cuffing our gloves

So it is time to get past pretty differences
And realize who our corrupt real enemy is
To stand together and take back what's needed for liveliness

Today is the day for the worker so take a moment to celebrate
From where America really rose
Tomorrow we work!
Tomorrow we fight!

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