Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

2016 was a doozy of a year. Lots of household names passed away, the election defied arrogant polling and I'm still not wealthy nor famous; although I must admit to some putting sticks in hornet's nests on Facebook in uncanny oldest sibling fashion.

I rang in the new year with the kids. We had ample junk food, played board games and watched movies on the DVD player my son bought from Goodwill for $5 earlier in the day. He was hoping it would be a small soldering project, but it turned out to work sans repairs. Finally, we toasted midnight with sparkling grape juice.

Around 11 pm I had the kids sit down to do a little 2016 reflecting and 2017 goal writing.

My son got right on it. He was grateful in 2016 for the new puppy at their mom's house, learning how to ski and seeing the new Star Wars movies.  My daughter was a little more bashful and I actually wasn't able to get much from her aside from going skiing and getting her pet turtle. I had a few things: expanding my garden, getting a new driveway (thanks mom!), the cat didn't die, seeing Metallica perform live and some of the travel I got to do this year.

As for goals, my daughter got even more bashful and really just ended up playing silly by copycatting me as I wrote mine. I told her she should write some in her journal for herself, bashful was ok. My son had a few health-minded ones: lose 10 lbs, exercise daily, eat one large salad daily, help me with the home improvement projects, drink 100 fl oz. of pomegranate juice, pick a religion and learn latin.

The nice part about my goals are that I have a number left from last year. I'd like to further expand my garden, finish my basement (I think I've had this goal the last 7 years), play some music live (open mic, etc.), finish putting in paver patio in the front, bike to work at least 10 times, lose 30 lbs. and top 2016's Ebay sales profit.

I'll still be polishing my gratitudes and goals over the next week, but it was fun to see how the kids responded. Hopefully they both see some success and enjoy their 2017.

Happy New Year!

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