Thursday, December 29, 2016

Holiday Ills

I made it through Christmas. I've had a couple of slower-paced days letting the busy-ness of the season subside. I got a couple of good workouts in and was looking to a relaxing second half of the week. Then it happened.

I woke up around midnight with a sniffle and some post-nasal drip feeling as though it were eroding my throat away. It seems whenever I get a little time to relax, my immune system finds a way to catch up with me.

Upon doing some reading, I'm finding this is common and part of our body's response where our immune system seems to turn off during stressful times and catches up with us when we have a break.  Frankly, its lousy, but I can see where falling ill while being hunted by pre-historic predators would result in being eaten. Even today's predators know to pick off the weak and ill from the herd.

Really, for me it's about accepting that I'm sick and will likely get sick after a high pressure/stressful time. I had high hopes for this week, but in reality most of those action items can wait. Instead I'm pursuing the creature comforts that help me through it, such as:


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