Thursday, December 15, 2016

Holiday Potluck

Yesterday was our holiday potluck at work. It's quite the spread. I usually go about the day with the intent of eating moderately. I usually fail, but at least I thought about trying, right? 

I mean who can pass up rib roast, turkey and ham?

And then everyone brings such wonderful sides ranging from salads to sushi to an enormous pan of mac and cheese. This pic was taken too soon and 2/3rds of the stuff isn't on the table yet.

Essentially, my plate was made into a bed of sides that the meat rested comfortably on until devoured.
We end up walking by the appetizer/dessert table for at least two days after the shindig is over.

I did skip dinner yesterday evening, just having a banana and some other snack-type items. So the day did seem to balance out. Now I think it's time to go see how many cookies are left...or to find alternate routes around the building.

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