Tuesday, December 6, 2016

An Uplifting Alternative Workout

Not us, but close. taken from http://twincitiesnace.net/

For the family part of my son's birthday, he requested to do a little volunteer work. His class had recently been on a field trip to help at Feed My Starving Children. We had done this before when the kids were younger and it was something he enjoyed. He simply found it fun and helpful. Thus he requested to do it to ring in turning 11.

I volunteered for warehouse duty, resupplying the soy and rice needed to make the meal kits. With 14 tables going it was a good hour and a half of moving, lifting, shifting and pouring of the materials. About 35 minutes in I noticed a damp perspiration and the warmth of activity starting and realized I was getting a good workout. In the end it's a great experience and a simple way to get your family and friends and even coworkers working for and helping others.

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