Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Exercise Versus Ice Cream

I want Ice Cream too!
Last night my son and I engaged in our new routine. We hit the weightroom at the local activity center while my daughter is at her gymnastics class. The first few weeks went well. I had to cancel some expectations of having a fervent training partner for the realization that he's a kid and wants to explore and do some of the things he wants to do. This has resulted in the dynamic of me performing my workout and him on his favorite pieces of equipment: assisted pull-ups, the StairMaster, the back extensions machine and the cable-cross machine.

Yesterday was a little different. His school was having a fundraiser at Chipotle and one of those build-your-own frozen yogurt stores, Yogurt Sundae. I caught him after the dinner part of this combination and promised we'd get the Ice Cream after the workout.

I guess the kids really likes the ice cream as he proceeded to complain how bored he was and kept asking to go to dessert during the workout. I'm typically ok tolerating this from younger kids, but for some reason his age and impending puberty results in me being really annoyed. There's "no crying in baseball" and there's no whining about ice cream in the weightroom!

I was able to channel it into my workout and was able to keep him working. I got a good back routine in and he finally got his ice cream. The ice cream I should have monitored though. This place only has large cups and he filled it. 12 ounces of chocolate on top of chocolate on top of chocolate. I had some as well, four ounces of almond flavored yogurt with strawberries and a few cheesecake chunks. Which was the appetizer to my dinner of a homemade cobb salad to eat and watch Monday Night Football to.

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