Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Crack in a Bag

I have a number of food weaknesses. Items I just can't have in my house because they won't last long in my ...house. Chicago mix popcorn is one such item. It's almost like some weird addiction-like phenomenon. I walk by the person handing out samples at Costco. I have a sample and think that was good. I decide not to buy the popcorn because I know it's no good for me. I try to not even look at the display, but I do need the aisle as I buy tortilla chips. The tortilla chips are good, but I can just have a few and be satisfied.

Still committed to not buying, I walk passed en route to the Mission corn chips.

"Damn, there's an "event sale" and the $6.00 (USD) bag is only $4.50."

 At that moment I knew they had me. How can I pass such a good value? I mean it's an enormous bag for the price of most peoples' Starbucks. I take the bait. If there was any progress in this is it's that I waited to get home before opening the bag.

Now, not even 48 hours later it's gone. I have a bit of an "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" feeling. Some guilt, some natural discomfort from eating an enormous bag of popcorn, a sigh of defeat. The trouble is, this scenario replays every so often. Buying is the "first drink". I can usually handle the in-store thoughts and cravings, until the deal, the rationalization come along. Better luck next time I suppose. A little surrender of what I know I can't handle (as silly as that sounds) and the start of a "no buy" list on the blog are the next moves. I think, for me, the list needs to be very specific. I live just fine without, until I get the momentary feeling that I can't live without.

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