Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend Workout/Yardwork crossfit

This is not my yard.
I'm a big fan of getting exercise in ways that deviate from the typical go to the gym, run a 5K mentality that a lot of people think they have to have to get a workout. While a gym is nicely compartmentalized and structured it's not always necessary. Take a look at this alternate workout I got in on Sunday:

  • Leaf rake rows, 90 minutes. be sure to switch hand positions to work back and arms symmetrically
  • Leaf/yard debris dead lifts, 60 minutes. work gloves accentuate the experience by keeping any mush of animal droppings off of your fingers.
  • Sapling pulling 30 rows minutes. grab unwanted tree/shrub starts at the base and perform bent over row to uproot the unwanted growth.
  • Leaf bag farmers walk. 1 - 7 minutes. carry full leaf bags to trash bin area. Repeat lift on garbage day to get bags to the street for pick up.
  • Stretching and hydration.
Workout #2 will commence on the next nice day with planting squats, dethatching rake rows, aeration plyometrics and mower lunges added to the program.