Monday, February 1, 2016

Interval training app: Chrono List

I would like to do more interval training. It can be challenging to do things in front of a clock.

There are a number of interval timer apps out there, but they seem to be limited to a single work/rest interval. What if I want to do a superset with different timings for, say, lunges and planks and lat pulls. In most cases I'd be stuck. That is, until I found this little app called ChronoList. It allows me to simply build rather complicated timed circuit routines. So far I've just been using it for planks (and timing line changes for my kids' floor hockey team), but it has worked great.

I recommend giving this app a try if you want to take a moment to "spice-up" your workout.  I suppose you could also use it for baking cookies, etc. too :P

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