Monday, January 25, 2016

Walk the Plank

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I ran into my boss, more specifically, my CEO at the gym Friday morning. This is a rare occasion as he usually works out on the other end of town. He had to be to a physical for his pilot's licensing so there we were. I'm not often impressed by stuff in the gym. I've seen a lot: 400+ pound bench presses, 5K sprints, etc. but my CEO actually did something that impressed me. He held a plank for over five minutes!  It looked effortless too. He's a smaller guy so I could expect some longevity (I start trembling at 15 to 20 seconds I'm afraid to admit), but that is a crazy long amount of time. The last few days it actually has me pushing my planking abilities.  I'm calling it interval planking where I do 10 to 20 seconds on and the same amount of time off. It's a lot of work at the end of a workout, but we'll see where I can get to. If it's good for the core it's good in general, right?

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