Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Finding Balance

Doldrums, a bedreadded part of a sailing journey (near the equator) where the wind is non-existant/calm, or unpredictable. Colloquially, I've hit the workout doldrums. I've hit the dietary doldrums. I feel like at the beginning of the week I gather some traction. I run several miles. I lift. I do an ok job eating right. The end of the week seems to bring a severe case of apathy. To much junk food is procured and my good feelings that started earlier in the week have diminished.

There's plenty of physical activity to be had with the ditch digging and rock breaking I do around the house. I sweat. I huff and puff. I get dirty. Without the structure though I don't entirely feel the same satisfaction as with a structured program.  All I can ask is what is holding me back at the moment? Where is my motivation? There are a lot of reasons to go kick some proverbial butt, but I'm struggling to feel it.

Maybe it's time to change gyms? Maybe it's time to find a new sport? I'm lining up a gym tour or two, some new activities and ammenities might do me some good.  Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and realize that while I have some goals, keeping the other realization that exercise and eating right helps me feel good one day at a time will get me through.

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