Wednesday, May 20, 2015

On Travel

I love traveling for work. In some ways it's like a vacation without taking the PTO. This is particularly true of conferences. I'm in Phoenix for the "International Microwave Symposium" (the communications type, not the cooking type). It's sunny and warm for my Minnesotan self.

Two things typically suffer when I'm on tavel. My diet and my exercise. Too much beer and hors d' oeuvres are typically consumed as a part of social events and I spend a lot of time sitting in various presentation sessions. Really, I try not to beat myself up too badly, but trips can also have the effect of throwing off my exercise schedule once I'm back home.

That said, I have a couple small accomplishments so far this time around:

  • I've taken several walks around downtown, particularly after meals. 
  • I got my HIITs cardio and ab session in last night
  • I've had a salad for dinner each night and managed to avoid most sugary stuff during the day.
The goal will be to get some gym time in today  (there is a planet fitness not far from the hotel) and try to keep momentum through the upcoming weekend.

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