Monday, March 9, 2015

Nagging stuff

My back sucks. I think it stems back to being taught improper squat technique in high school (or just using improper technique and not listening to the strength coach). I noticed with losing weight the instances of "tweaking" my lower back have dissipated substantially. There are also other things, like laying off of heavy squat/leg work, full decline situps, etc. and doing strengthening exercises such as planks and lots of stretching which help to having a stable core. I confess though that I've been gaining a little weight and low and behold I tweaked my lower left part of my back while working on my car this weekend. It's rather uncomfortable. I hit the gym today and cardio was challenging at first. I had to slow my jog down and lay off the lifting, but after the workout and stretching I seem to be feeling a bit better. Point being a little gym work and not overdoing it when you're hurt will really help.

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