Saturday, February 21, 2015

Training Split

I think I'm getting over a lack of motivation and am getting in a mode of getting back to work in the gym and on my diet. Here are a couple of small changes I'm mulling:

  • Exercise
    • Split cardio time with lifting. I.e. 20-minutes cardio, 30-45 lifting then another 10-20 of cardio.
    • Work in some high intensity routines.
    • Find a sport. I've been without for a long time.
  • Diet
    • Become a salad junkie again for lunches. The Fresh Express bagged salad kits are good and reasonably priced. They might be freezable if I find them on sale. I need to buy some protein to accompany them though.
  • Focus 
    • Work in some meditation time to get my head clear and stay focused on my day. I prefer to meditate with a mantra, a word or phrase that I say while I exhale to focus my mind on.
  • Sleep
    • I know the experts say 7 to 9 hours. I'd like to lean towards 6.5 to 7.5 of solid sleep. This can be tricky with evening workouts as it's hard to go to bed with the metabolism all fired up.
I'm sure as the days progress I'll find some tweaks to these thoughts, but I'm hoping this will be enough to get a fresh start.

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