Friday, January 16, 2015


Okay, I've got to start throwing crap up here, even if it's not the most useful yet.

I will say that I am frustrated at how my work week ends compared to how it begins in terms of physical activity and eating.  I usually start the week out decently with two or three days in the gym, at least 4 miles ran, and a bit of lifting to go along with it. By Friday and Saturday I feel like I haven't done anything all week and my calorie intake seems to track a bit higher (I feel like I eat more crap). Fortunately, I tend to find myself back in the gym on Sunday only to repeat the process.

Now there are a couple of extenuating circumstances. For example, I am separated from my wife and have the kids Wednesday, Thursday and alternating weekends (called a 5-2-2-5, I guess) that makes it tough to get hte gym time. The overall sum of activities seems to be loaded at the end of the week as well. Daughter has dance, son has kung fu both have scouts and often there are other activities peppered in.

I guess my main point is to find some alternative ways to be active like taking a walk during my work breaks or just try to be on my feet more. I can also try to make healthier food choices.

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