Monday, January 5, 2015


I guess I'm not sure how this page has gotten a semi-substantial number of views even though I haven't posted a thing. Oh well, I guess I should get started posting some stuff.

The whole idea behind this blog is based on my experience as a former high school and college football player. I played on the "O"-line my whole career; left tackle in HS and left guard in college (note I'm left handed making the stance easier). I loved my football days, even the times that sucked. It taught me a lot about dealing with adversity and life in general.

I was fortunately able to keep away from any major injuries. Just a couple of sprained ankles, knees and a lot of swollen/bloody knuckles. During the whole time I played though the training concept was to be bigger, faster and stronger than the other guy. In terms of diet and exercise this meant a lot of calories, preferably from a balance of protein, complex carbohydrates and vegetables, and a lot of heavy weightlifting. While the season only lasts a few months in the fall, training was nearly year-round. Thus, some eating and exercise habits got ingrained.

With the end of my football playing, the need to lift beyond trying to max-out my bench and squat diminished and frankly cardio was that thing you did to be punished for being lazy on the field. Needless to say, my playing weight was a "solid" 320 lbs. Within two years of being done playing I shot up to 340 lbs.

It was only after a high blood pressure problem that I decided to take losing weight and trying to be healthy seriously. It was a bit of hit and miss, I tried programs that were way too time consuming or just unsustainable for more than a few weeks and I found that I can out-eat ANY workout plan.

My hope is that this blog and sharing some of my experience will lead to former football guys, or former athletes, or anyone trying to get back on track with diet and exercise a small amount of guidance and some motivation to get healthy in a sustainable, lifelong way; as our bodies need to accompany us through our whole life.

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