Saturday, November 27, 2021

Thanksgiving Report Card

Image by Oberholster Venita from Pixabay

And just like that, Thanksgiving 2021 is a shrinking speck in the rear-view mirror. I'm grateful for having written my previous post as it helped keep me mindful during the feast. Still, there was a mix of good things and areas of improvement. Thus, similar to my travel report card, I came up with one for social/holiday eating scenarios (again I used this handy table generator website) so here we go:

Item Score
(1 to 4 with 4 = best)
Water Intake 4 I conscientiously chose water throughout the celebration
4 No alcoholic beverages were consumed
3 I started strong, but found myself making a couple more passes than necessary once the desserts came out
Meal/plate 2 Considering it was Thanksgiving, I think I did okay. I took modest portions of most foods, but did go back for some seconds on the favorites.
Finding distractions
from food
4 This was fairly easy at my sister's house as they have a pool table in their basement and an area for watching football, etc. separate from the "spread"
Steps/Activity 1 It was a cold day and I had food prep to do so didn't get the activity I would have liked
Positive Attitude 3 I think so!?!?
Mindfulness 4 While there were a few choices that could have been better, overall, I was aware of my eating and deliberate in most of my actions.
Next day recovery 3 Admittedly did a little bit of fasting until the afternoon just having water and coffee. I hit the gym in the afternoon and got all my steps, most via light jogging. Lastly, followed by going to a movie (popcorn was had).

So it appears to not have been too bad of an outing. In fact, activity level aside I'm calling it a success considering it was Thanksgiving. I think the water intake and the ability to stay in a different area of the house from the food, particularly the appetizers, really helped. 

 Weighing in this morning also showed that I'm right back where I was before the feast. Now there's something to be grateful for!

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