Friday, November 12, 2021

My Pants

Pants sizing is nearly ubiquitous with diet and weight loss. People have their "fat" pants and perhaps their skinny pants as well. I have several pairs of pants that fall into either category. Fortunately, I've now moved into the area where I'm now wearing my "skinny" pants. It feels good to have pulled them out of my closet and frankly I like the look. 

One thing I'm starting to notice this time around though is a desire to wear my pants a little higher on my waist. This is particularly true for my bigger pants which now sit comfortably around my proper waist, i.e. where my belly button is. While feeling a little weird initially, as I still have a little bit of a tummy that is now in the pants instead of above, I'm finding that to be a more comfortable position. One trade-off though is I have now lost a couple inches on the inseam. This give me the Steve Erkle about to utter his "Did I do that?" catchphrase feel. 

Upon doing some reading (mind you from the ultra reliable internet), this is where traditionally cut pants are meant to sit. The waist wear gives a better sense of proportionality between legs and torso. This makes sense. In the old, under the tummy, wearing I felt I just had a long torso and short legs. My back pockets sat more on the thigh than on my butt and I was always pulling down on my tee shirts.

Now my shirts no longer feel short. I'm less concerned with tucking them in or pulling them down to keep from the low edge of my tummy from protruding; even when reaching upwards. My pockets are higher up on my hips. This has a weird feeling having to rethink where my hands need to go to fish out my phone.

My only real complaint, other that the Erkle-esque high waters from the short inseam. I that the zipper doesn't quite line up the way it used to. Adjustment needs to be made for my several-times-daily trips to the restroom. Still this is a small price to pay for a more comfortable fit.

I leave you with two pictures. Both of me in the same suit. The first from a couple years ago with my pants necessarily being worn below my tummy. The second from my recent trip to Tucson with my pants at my waist. I hope you appreciate the difference as much as I do. On a side note, the suit fit immaculately in Tucson. :)

Before. At a wedding in Colorado in 2018.

After. getting ready for a wedding in Tucson, 2021.

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