Sunday, October 18, 2020

A Few Other Mask Wearing Benefits

 Since we manufacture product at work, I haven't missed a beat on going to the office. Thus, I'm also wearing a mask a lot. Here's a list of my mulling other advantages to mask wearing (top 10 style):

10. Walking by the work bathroom is less, uh ...noticeable

Particularly after lunch. We should totally leave some matches or spray in there.

9. It's much cheaper than orthodontic work, or a rhinoplasty for that matter

8. Fewer mints need to be handed out to coworkers

Yeah, no comment here.

7. Ventriloquism just got a lot easier

Because we all need a creepy doll in our closet for loved ones to find.

6. We're bringing sewing back

Even I tried sewing a mask...I failed :(

5. Loud talkers are now a little quieter

4. Also filters out wildfire particulates (and keeps in sneeze particulates)

It's a win-win-win for everybody! Although so is avoiding mixing flamables with gender reveal parties.

3. Your eyes are now your best facial feature

But we already knew that.

2. On the go exfoliation

Save time and money!

1. My mouth is now ready for winter

Seriously, it gets cold up here in Minnesota. Like, choke on the air cold.

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