Monday, June 29, 2020

Food for the Fourth

The Fourth of July is nearly here. It's the summit of summer in America; the celebration before thoughts start turning back to the rigors of the fall. Vacations are being taken and grills are as tuned-up and ready to go as they can, ready to sizzle a burger or bratwurst on a moment's notice.

Now is the time people are stocking up for the celebration. We have our shopping lists and are mulling that trip across the state line for some fireworks of a questionable nature.

I spent my high school summers working at Target and the having to quickly move loss-leader 24 packs of soda onto the sales floor was as much strength and conditioning as my morning workouts for the upcoming football season.

This year, with the Covid-19 seeming to rear its ugly head in a second wave, it's a good time to be extra careful in the preparations. While I feel tacky doing the click-through ad links on my blog, here are a few things that may help you prepare for the celebration of America's independence.

Save time, money and facemasks with drive-up pickup at Target

Be sure to keep those pesky UV's at bay. Fair skin is in.

Sneezing on the potato salad has been frowned upon long before Covid-19 was a thing.

Airpods fall out. It happens. Sometimes in the lake, sometimes playing cornhole, sometimes in baked beans that get spilled and eaten by the dog before you notice.

Finally, maybe you're a hardcore planner and can't get back to school off of your brain. Well, here you go:

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