Tuesday, February 25, 2020

A Morning Run

It's been a struggle lately. Going to bed most nights I feel primed to get up and get a workout in; only to have the motivation evaporate in my sleep. 

This morning was different. I woke early and turned on my nightstand lamp. I was out of bed before 7 and decided to take advantage and go for a jog. I found my sweats, put on my hat gloves and my old down vest and ventured out.

My Bluetooth earbuds still had some charge and I was feeling something melodic and metal. Ghost filled that void and I started around the long block with a brisk walk to the tune of "Dance Macabre" (random Joe fact: Macabre happens that be one of my favorite words). 

The Walk turned to jog as I turned my first corner, careful to avoid the freshly frozen puddles that would put a Zamboni to shame. The air was cold on my arms, but the rest of me warmed up quickly and I was surprised at my endurance as my last non-treadmill cardio was in October. 

The morning movement felt good. I was able to clear my head and set the day on a steady course. It clicked with me again that the workouts don't need to be long or overly complicated, they just need to be.

Hopefully the momentum will carry into tomorrow, but I'll worry about that later. I just need to remember to turn on my light.

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