Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Good Foods: Fresh Nuked Veggies

Sometimes you're at the grocery store, minding your own business and buying the same old stuff when something catches your eye. More often than not it's a sales tag of sorts. In the produce section I tend to think this means something is close to it's "sell by" date. I really need to start timing myself better with those micro clearances, but that's another story ( and maybe some scheduling data) for another time.

This last Sunday's shopping trip resulted in my buying the gem in the picture. It is a Mann's(tm) Nourish Bowl entitled "Monterey Risoto". I thought it was just another variation of salad, but then saw that it was to be microwaved. Apparently, the nourish bowl concept has become quite the thing, perhaps taking off from burrito bowls or even the KFC famous bowls. However, instead of potatoes and fried chicken, these tend to have those "super foods". You know, everyone's favorite roughage of kale and cabbage along with some fruits and veggies and maybe even that Himalayan pink salt that they make those dual purpose lamps/wildlife salt licks from.*

Putting the finishing touches on a delicious salt lamp. Photo borrowed from an NPR article. If you would like your own, Amazon has them for pretty cheap.

Pink salt aside, it's just nice to have some fresh veggies that can be cooked down a little. The dish came with some rice and a sauce as well. Just add them to the veggies, microwave for three minutes and let the flavors take you.

The Nourish Bowl made for a lovely lunch. It was flavorful and felt filling. In the future I may, as I do with my salads, add some precooked chicken for protein and added flavor. I'm even finding myself still feeling satisfied as dinner approaches.

*Note: the author thinks meta-nutrition (Himalayan...really Pakistani salt benefits) belongs with meta-physics in a meta-l dumpster and will thus stick to his Morton's.

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