Saturday, January 11, 2020

Getting the Taxes Done Early

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

It's the time year to start collecting the W2's, the 1099's and the donation receipts. Unfortunately, we can't all file the 1040EZ. The forms quickly get complicated and can create quite the pile of paper and calculations. The feds (i.e. paid folks trying to do their jobs as best they can) could, and want to make the system easier. Unfortunately, the politicians like to keep things confusing as they likely profit from it.

Until this is fixed I do resort to TurboTax to make the job easier. I buy the Premier as I have a micro-size side business. This allows me to enter my schedule C information along with all the normal stuff. As that business grows I may even integrate further with Intuit's other product, Quicken.

I noticed that Amazon is running a sale on the TurboTax products. The prices are the same as at Costco with the advantage that these versions of TurboTax are downloadable. This is nice for me as I don't even have a built in CD/DVD drive on my computer. I also don't have to leave the comfort of my recliner to get started with TurboTax.

Year-over-year use of TurboTax lets me import the majority of my information and just make tweaks. I can also import my W-2s and investment account information. The only sticky point are my donations, which I prefer to itemize. The software takes you through everything step-by-step if you like, else you can just go for it and directly fill in what you need.

Most editions of TurboTax also include a free state. Okay "free" looking at pricing, but they even remember MN's property tax rebate and prints that form for you.

Filing with TurboTax is a breeze and I usually have my refund (provided I get a refund) within a week. I usually get started early, but then wait until closer to April to file in case there are any updates that affect the forms.

Taxes have gotten tedious. They're definitely less fun (not that they were ever any fun) as there's less of a mortgage deduction and it seems the tax system was made an even bigger mess within the last couple of years. TurboTax strives to minimize the risk and maximize your return.

I know this is a little campy to do a spokesperson blog, but I do like using TurboTax. In the spirit of the blog, it does make my life quite a bit less stressful when it comes to squaring up with Uncle Sam and those thug-like 10,000 lakes. Give 'em a click below and check out TurboTax.

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