Sunday, November 19, 2017

We Can Dance if We Want To

Me trying not to throw my sister off of a balcony while "swing dancing" at my other sister's wedding reception at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

A few weeks back I wrote about taking introductory dance lessons by way of a Groupon for Fred Astaire dance studio. They ended up being enough fun that we signed up for a beginner package of lessons. In addition to the basic steps, some basic turns and such were taught (I know, lots of "basic" going on here). The gf and I are even finding time to practice outside of the lessons.

There's something very intriguing about learning the steps, technique, etc. For me, it has the feeling of learning the footwork and technique in football. It's about taking proper steps and developing the muscle memory and the ability to do everything in time. Training the brain-body correlation is a welcome challenge. Lessons and practice are as much, if not more, mentally strenuous as they can be physically. 

There is also a stamina aspect. A couple songs of dancing and there's a sweat and some muscle burn. The work even has me looking for a strength and conditioning routine that can supplement the lessons (more on this another time). I can perhaps feel less adrift in the gym as there is something to be trained for. It might not be a marathon or a triathlon, but it is something I can take out on a Friday night and look good doing.

I do have a challenge seeing some of the dances as being practical for a night out dancing. This is most true of dances that require a bit more floor space, e.g. the tango and foxtrot. The rumba, salsa (which we are learning via the cha-cha) and swing dances work much better in a confined space. There is latin and swing dancing to be found around town, so there are opportunities. Although, the tango is probably the most fun to learn so far.

Still, the intangibles might be more basic for just general going out; at least at first. Being able to move in time/rhythm and feel comfortable with body positioning and movement might be more practical at first. The actual dances can be introduced with development of competence and confidence.

Ultimately, we decided to move beyond the beginner classes and on to developing some of the aforementioned competence. I look forward to further developing this new activity. It is something that could provide enjoyment for the long run.

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