Monday, October 2, 2017

(Re) Finding a Gym

It's time. The days are short, the weather is getting colder and has been rather damp lately. My outdoor running gave way to hustling around the football field coaching up a savvy crew of 6th graders. With the season heading towards its unavoidable end, I need to find the next thing that will keep me at an adequate, if not improved, level of fitness.

My intent this evening was to run up to the local YMCA, roughly five miles away, and restart my membership. The "Y" has had a host of good qualities from a large number of amenities to kid friendly activities such as swimming and a climbing wall.

My main gripe with "full service" gyms is the cost. It's typically in excess of $125 for a family membership. I was thinking I would be able to whittle this down to $70ish if I just get an individual membership. Attending 12 times/month whittles that further to ~$50/month. That is a bit more manageable provided I get my 12 "swipes".

My kids are now old enough that they don't need to go to the gym with me. Also, given they are only with me half of the time, they might be wanting to go once or twice per month. The Y does provide guest passes with the membership and the ala carte guest pass is reasonable beyond that.

This all sounds good, but it does have me wondering what the opportunity cost of another gym option might be. There is a Planet Fitness less than a mile from my house and at $10/month the 80% cost reduction may enable some other fun with the kids. For example, $40 is about two lift tickets during ski season. Also, what about location. While five miles isn't much (in addition to being situated between my work and home) an option such as Anytime Fitness would put a gym close to me at home and at work. Decisions, decisions.

This thinking, and a torrential downpour, resulted in my holding back on signing on at the "Y". Indeed I may return, but I've decided to do a free trial at Anytime Fitness before jumping on board. Also, atmosphere is important for me. Some gyms feel like I'm in a waiting area where intensity is tempered, perhaps AF  will be like this, but it's worth a shot to find out.

Regardless, it will be nice to get back to putting some work in and get some time to myself to focus on getting back to a better level of fitness.

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