Tuesday, June 27, 2017

After Work Run

I've been feeling the need to get more cardio. Honestly, part of it has to do with going to Iron Maiden with a friend who "runs 4 to 5 miles every day". So, ok, time for me to saddle up and get moving as I see room for improvement in my workout.  I'm not looking to compete, but instead felt more motivated. Thanks, Old Top!

The nice part about living in the land of 10k lakes is that there area a lot of little lakes with paths around them. Thus, for the last couple weeks I've been packing a small bag of workout clothes, changing at the end of the work day and taking a jog around Mt. Normandale Lake pictured above. 

I don't typically feel the need to run a marathon so something between 1.5 miles and 4 miles feels perfect. This lake has an excellent path with just enough elevation variation to have to kick into small hill gear and a second lap (which I'm already starting to do) doesn't feel entirely daunting. There are enough shiny happy people that it doesn't feel desolate, at the same time it doesn't feel like it needs four lanes of jogging traffic each way like some other popular area lakes; cough, Calhoun, cough!

This so far is simple and manageable. The 25 to 50 minutes I take are in flow with the day. Happily I'm already starting to feel really good and the pace is speeding. Most importantly, I'm at least placebo-ing that the clothes are fitting. :)

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