Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Old Man and the Tramp(oline)

It can be a challenge to find convenient ways to work up a sweat as a family in the winter. Most outdoor activities require a significant amount of clothing and equipment and my driveway isn't at the moment ideal for shooting hoops or playing pickleball. Getting the energy out was a necessity tonight though. Cabin fever has officially set in and my kids are starting to pick at one another more and more.

Tonight I took advantage of a nearby indoor trampoline park for some family time and to get a workout in. Unfortunately, it's not part of my meager gym membership, but one of the reasons I moved away from the more amenity-filled gyms was to free up some family fun monies. The trouble with most traditional gyms is that they're not very kid friendly in terms of working up a sweat as a family. Most things are either for adults OR kids (for my logic friends that's really an XOR) not to mention it takes some of the fun and creativity out of finding the next thing to do.

Digressing, the trampolines are actually an amazing workout and it's all just bouncing around. I even found myself attempting somersaults while and trying to launch the kids as high as possible. The latter even got me thinking about physics a bit, afterall the launching is really a driven oscillation. Within 20 minutes I had a good sweat going and by 40 minutes I was starting to feel some fatigue and by the time the hour we had bought was up we were all ready to take the rest. Both kids agreed we should come back. I think it would be worthwhile to find a few other activities and get a rotation going on the weeknights I have them.


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