Wednesday, October 19, 2016

#TBT: Goalposts on the goal line

I was watching some old Minnesota Vikings footage and saw the goalposts on the goal line, instead of their current location on the end line. This resulted in a quick Google search and so ensued a quick football history lesson.

According to Wikipedia (I paraphrase here):
The end zone was introduced to American football in 1912. This was due to the introduction of the forward pass, requiring a location of limited extent for receivers to catch the ball. Before this, the goal line and the end line were one and the same. Goalposts remained on the goal line, however they interfered with game play so were moved to the back of the endzone in 1927, but back to the front in 1933. They weren't moved back again until 1974, perhaps partially to reduce interference and injury and in response to ever stronger kicking legs. Indeed the game seems to be a perpetual strength and stamina arms race.

Note, that goalposts in Canada are still on the goal line.

And just for "kicks", Here's a goal post collision film. Enjoy!

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