Tuesday, August 2, 2016

New Driveway, Pickleball Court Opens

It's been a little while since my last post. Frankly, life, work, family, etc. has been busy. So here I am, at a localized ground-zero for doing a bit of writing and sharing in my life. One of the recent bright spots has been the installation of a new driveway at my house. The old one was well passed it's life expectancy. While it proved to be not too bad for shooting some baskets I had a slightly bigger vision of the space than merely parking cars. The driveway was nearly flat, making it a great surface for other endeavors. Racket sports, namely.

The width and length of the driveway were ideal for pickleball; a sport I fondly remember from gym class and was simpler in terms of space and equipment requirements than tennis or racquetball. Initially, I over thought it. I'd need a net and lines and gear. Today I realized that the plastic tape, originally adorning the end of my newly finished athletic surface tied to a couple of stakes made for an adequate net and the bounds of the driveway were perfect game boundaries. My daughter, who is 8, and I played a fierce game of pickleball. I taught her contact was easier at the top of the bounce and we both worked up to a glisten. Ok, I was sweating profusely as my agility was put to the test. Bottom line, we got tired and had fun.

I recalled my college football coaches encouraging racket sports as the ultimate in agility and speed development. While racquetball is a little faster than hitting a whiffle ball around, I appreciated feeling my body move in a non-jogging, non-weightroom way. An athletic way.

I hope this leads to a lot more rounds. My daughter even liked the idea of a family tournament. I can safely say adding the 50' x 20' chunk of asphalt may be one of the better fitness, family and fun moves I'll have done.