Friday, May 27, 2016

Sonoma Coast

After my conference in San Francisco, my girlfriend and I took a couple of days in Sonoma County. It was a relaxed time, filled with wine tasting, driving the Pacific Coast Highway and relaxing on the beach. While not quite a tropical or Caribbean escape in terms of warmth it was nice to get some son and some quiet.

The trip was a relief in that we were effectively "off-the-grid". Minimal cell phone and internet coverage. We couldn't even set our out-of-office emails and phone messages. It was wonderful. I'm hesitant to admit that I am even weary of sitting here in the airport and writing this. The peace it brought me was significant. It is an interesting transition going back.

Fortuantely we have a red-eye flight and were able to spend today driving back to San Francisco through Muir woods, stopping to walk amongst the giant redwoods and had a little more time on the coast, chilly, windy, but sunny as my face feels the dosage of UV and vitamin D.

Below are few pictures from the adventure. I look forward to my next California visit
The view from the PCH

Giant Redwoods of Muir Woods

Above Muir beach

Sun Setting on our trip on SF beaches.