Wednesday, May 4, 2016

First Rounds

The weather here in MN has been excellent over the last few days. This past weekend I played par 3 Island Lake Golf Course with a friend and then on Tuesday I played my first league round at Dwan golf course.

Both rounds were so-so. I have been better off of the tee, although I did land all three greens on the par 3s at Dwan and hit 5 greens in regulation (i.e. leaving me with a two putt for par). I three putted more than I am accustomed to though and only par'd one hole per round.

The MN golf season is early and there is lots of time for improvement. This year I'm working on slowing down my back-swing in hopes of gaining some control. Obviously I need to put some work in on the putting green and at the driving range as well. I'm also hoping to play a couple of new (to me) courses this year. The St. Croix river valley is full of scenic courses and I am on the lookout for some Groupon or Living Social deals.