Wednesday, February 24, 2016

LA Fitness

I'm currently feeling that my YMCA gym membership is a bit expensive for the amount I use it. I'm a pretty basic guy when it comes to my workout needs:  a decent treadmill, free weights, a place to stretch out, on occasion an opportunity to lap swim and play racquetball on occasion.  I joined the "Y" last fall thinking the kids would be more involved there than they are as well. I just can't justify the $120ish/month for my basics.

Enter LA Fitness. I tried them out this morning by means of a guest pass. The pricing seemed reasonable: $30/month + $100 initiation. They have all the amenities listed above (note that the court use does cost a little extra). I think it wins for value at this point. The equipment was quality. I have to admit I'll miss having the tv on my treadmill. They had a substantially larger free-weight area with more diversity in lifting options. The crowd was a little younger than at the Y...ok a lot younger. Oddly my biggest complaint was the boring color scheme of the interior. Maybe 5 shades of gray cover the whole place.

In all it was a good experience. I felt like the place fit. The price was right. The money saved actually translates into more activities for the kiddos and I than a pool and a climbing wall that is only open part time.

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