Monday, December 14, 2015

A Heavenly Workout

I love to ski. To be more specific I love downhill skiing. I was able to take a short break and go skiing at Heavenly ski area in South Lake Tahoe this last weekend.  I flew into Sacramento Thursday night, about the same time a big dump of snow was occurring in the mountains. Friday was a day for visiting old haunts (UC-Davis) and driving up to SLT while stopping at a couple wineries (Grace Patriot and MadroƱa) for some tasting.

Saturday, I hit the slopes early. It was some of the best groomed (and a little bit of powder) skiing I thin I've ever encountered. The whole day was spent on the mountain with only a short lunch break and an afternoon rest before heading back to the Gondola.  I'm surprised I wasn't more sore, but my calves, quads and abs are certainly letting me know they are there.

I hope the winter weather picks up some here in MN. I look forward to getting on the slopes some more this winter!

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