Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Homeowner's WoD

 We spend a lot of time going to the gym, performing structured workouts. Even being "Cross-Fit" seems to require a $200/month membership to push around a tractor tire and do some squats and pullups. While there is a theraputic and possibly a social aspect to being a gym-rat; sometimes this comes at the expense of actually doing useful, innovative projects.

I needed a better side are for my trash cans. I undertook this project which required 4-5hrs to complete. That's 12 lattice blocks wieghing 70 lbs each and 12 retaining blocks weighing 35 pounds each, plus tons of shoveling, leveling, positioning and repositioning in 90 degree, humid weather. It had me soaked with sweat and breathing heavy. I need to be careful of my back, but it felt good to have the end result.

My only wonder moving forward is how can, in my mind, equate this mentally with a physical workout. After the project I still felt like I should go to the gym.

I mean to wrap this up with some obfuscation from the street, i.e. fencing. that will make for another good few hours.

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