Monday, April 6, 2015

First 1,000

I'm the proud, but obsessive compulsive, owner of a FitBit. I thought I lost it last week when I went for a run around a local lake. It magically appeared yesterday in my vehicle though. This had me very happy.

One thing I enjoy is the racking up of my step count during the day at work. I'm usually happy if I can get >5,000 in before I head home. In support of that, my latest querky goal is to get my step count over 1,000 before I sit down at my desk. In some respects this is easy as I have to walk around and check on the status of my projects and the technicians. In others, I just want my coffee and to sit and read my email. I'm viewing this as an opportunity to prescribe a little more structure to my on goings and am hoping it will lead to getting other small tasks done promptly (e.g. turning in my timecard, yes even PhD's have timecards), freeing my brain all the further to do the more valuable things.

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