Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Back at it

After impressing my daughter by doing dips on some steel rails at a local sandwich shop, I hit the gym in what felt like the first time in a month. Well it was actually a week-and-a-half. Some of the slacking was from being on travel for work, getting in a few more rounds of golf and doing some yard-work/gardening with the kids, so it wasn't a total slump.

What has slumped some is my diet, I'm having a hard time going a day without either the doughnut or beer fairy visiting. Also my portion control is a little out of ...control. My (ex)wife started doing Weight Watchers and I know in the past loosely using their "point" system to at least quantify my food intake has helped. Perhaps some healthy eating motivation will rub off on me. It's key to keep looking forward and not dwell on that way too calorie-laden dessert I had the other day. That just results in a craving.

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